When you stay up all night until you see the sun coming up, that’s the wrong side of dawn. Presumably the right side of dawn would involve waking up early to see the sun rise. We’re not so good at doing that.

Songwriting duo Nelson Pavlosky and Brian Rose carefully craft complex songs in the classic rock tradition with an alternative vibe. If you smashed The Who into The Goo Goo Dolls, you might get Wrong Side of Dawn. Or you might get a fistfight between Johnny Rzeznik and Roger Daltrey. Either way you can’t lose!

Band members

Wrong Side of Dawn is Brian Rose and Nelson Pavlosky. It couldn’t happen without the talent and support of many other musicians and friends, but as of now there are no other permanent members of the band.
Nelson Pavlosky

Nelson Pavlosky – rhythm guitar: Nelson can often be found strumming on his green Takamine acoustic-electric named Kermit. Musical influences include various punk/ska/emo bands, 90’s alternative rock, and people who play acoustic guitars with weird tunings and open strings, such as the Goo Goo Dolls and Joni Mitchell. His favorite band is Queen, even though his songwriting doesn’t lean in that direction. He was active in jazz choir and musical theater throughout high school, and still sings loudly in the shower to this very day. Nelson can also play the piano, ukelele, and oboe, in decreasing order of competency. In his spare time, he enjoys pyrotechnics, eating fruit, and fighting the Man.

Brian Rose
Brian Rose – lead guitar: Brian played violin in a school orchestra for 10 years, but because he never practiced or took private lessons, he sucks. He listened mainly to the Goo Goo Dolls until the summer of 2000, when he took a few guitar lessons and began listening pretty much exclusively to The Who and any song on this list*. Favorite artists and influences include The Who, Peter Gabriel, James Taylor, U2, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Dave Matthews, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and all classic rock. Brian likes to seem diverse by pretending that he also likes classical and jazz and stuff, but that’s a lie. He really only likes rock. And blues. Having been a music minor, though, he knows just enough theory to act pretentious about it. He enjoys poker, baseball, and internet memes.

*They change this list every year. The older — and much more correct — list that I was raised on is no longer available.