We need drums AND bass

Well, back to the drawing board… our tentative bassist Ty picked up a second job and therefore has run out of time to play with us this summer. This means we are once again in the market for both a bassist AND a drummer. We’ll be posting to Craiglist and other forums soon. If you’ve heard our music and liked us, tell your drumming and bassing friends and maybe we can join forces!

Practicing and playing open mikes

Karen Rustad (11:23): What kind of band are we again?
Nelson Pavlosky (11:23): good question
Nelson Pavlosky (11:24): classic rock + punk/ska/emo + whatever you listen to?
Nelson Pavlosky (11:24): or rather whatever you write/sing/play
Karen Rustad (11:24): rock/post-rock/pop?
Nelson Pavlosky (11:24): we cover a lot of territory
Karen Rustad (11:25): Pretty much.
Karen Rustad (11:25): All we need is a rapper…

We had our first practice the weekend before last, and it went pretty well… we recorded a few songs and took some pictures, and generally rocked out. We also discovered the one thing Friends is good for.

Unfortunately, Brian’s in New Brunswick, while Nelson and I are in the western Philly suburbs, so that has been an obstacle to getting practice time in. On our own, though, Nelson and I have been hitting up open mikes in the area. We went to The Coffee Club in Media on Friday, which was a lot of fun — lots of blues-influenced musicians and REALLY good hot chocolate. And on Wednesday we went to Delaware for the first time as we attended Stoney’s open mike in Wilmington. That was a different crowd — as many stand-up comedy acts as musicians, with beer-fueled crude humor. ‘Twas lovely.

We still need to find an open mike that has its own piano, so I can play some of my stuff. Or maybe I just need to haul Nelson’s keyboard around…

In other music news, on Saturday Tryad [Karen’s internet band] officially released “Beauty” as a single. Check it out. The way it’s looking, Tryad’s sophomore album (“Listen”) should be coming out in August or so. Woo!

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