Rough Mixes

It has been almost a year since we last posted, so I’d like to note that Wrong Side of Dawn is not dead, we have actually been making progress on the album. Sadly, since both Brian and myself (Nelson) are in law school, we’ve only been able to work on the album on vacations and odd weekends. Also, Mr. Nuzzo has frequently been unable to make time for us in his studio, since running a recording studio is not his full-time job (he’s still a high school music teacher). Regardless of the reasons for the delay, today I have an important update for you: the rough mixes of every song we originally intended to have on the album, with the exception of “The Grinder’s Tale” which did not record well. You can listen to the rough mixes in the flash widget below:

[Mixwit is dead]

Once again, these are *rough* mixes, which means that they have not been polished much at all, these songs sound almost exactly the way they did when we recorded them. Before bands publish their music, they generally edit their songs to make them sound better, cutting out mistakes, putting effects on their instruments and voices, making sure the volume levels are all even, etc. We have not done that here, so these songs all sound worse than the finished product will, but I thought it would be best to “release early, release often” and make these songs available in their unfinished state now so that you can see what we’ve been up to all this time. Note that track 5 “Vulture” is not intended to be an instrumental, we just haven’t gotten around to recording the vocals for it yet.

At this point, we may not actually do final mixes of all of the songs that we recorded. Our current plan calls for doing final mixes of 5 of our favorite songs and officially releasing those as an EP. Then we want to go back into the recording studio with a new lineup and re-recording the songs we were less happy with, as well as some new songs that we’ve been writing. Stay tuned and hopefully we’ll have some more interesting news for you later this summer.

UPDATE: Mixwit is dead and so is the flash widget we were using. You didn’t want to hear the rough mixes anyway, the songs will be much better on our upcoming full-length album.