Our EP has officially been released!

You can now buy our 5-song EP from CD Baby!  Within the next few months we expect to have the EP available on iTunes, Amazon, and every other digital retailer that works with CD Baby (pretty much all of them). Karen made some beautiful cover art for us:

Wrong Side of Dawn EP cover art

Incidentally, you can buy both digital downloads and physical CDs from CD Baby, but due to the expense of manufacturing and shipping physical CDs they cost more than digital downloads and we make less money from them, so we encourage you to purchase the digital downloads from CD Baby. They are high quality 200kbps VBR mp3 files, no DRM, and you can get instant gratification 🙂 If you would like a physical CD but don’t want to pay for shipping, just find either Brian or myself in person and we will happily sell them to you at $5 each.

Every song or album that you purchase from us directly funds our music… for the foreseeable future, all of our money from our music will be going into paying for studio time to record a full length album this winter break. We don’t have a label, so all of our money is coming out of our own pockets. So please buy some of our stuff and help fund more great independent music from Wrong Side of Dawn!