New release! “The Grinder’s Tale” 3P

We’ve been making slow but steady progress on our upcoming full-length studio album, “Stay Awake,” and we’re excited about how great the songs have been coming out. We’ve been sad, however, that our fans haven’t been able to hear the new tracks, which are so much better than our old basement recordings. That ends now! Today we announce the official release of “The Grinder’s Tale” 3P.

Cover art for “The Grinder’s Tale” 3P

[UPDATE: The full-length album is now out, so we have taken down the 3P. The 3 songs on the 3P can now be found on the Stay Awake album]

“What is a 3P?” you may ask. Well, it’s longer than a single, which is usually two songs, and it’s shorter than an EP, which is usually 4-5 songs. We understand that it is the hip new way to release music — the recently released book The New Rockstar Philosophy dedicates an entire chapter to the concept — and it fits in well with the fast pace of the modern internet-driven music industry. “Release early, release often” is the mantra, and that’s one bandwagon I’m happy to jump on because it means our fans get to hear awesome new music sooner rather than later. I’ll be honest, the three songs that we chose to release simply happen to be the songs that are the closest to being finished with the whole recording and mixing process. )The other 9 songs on the “Stay Awake” album still need some tweaking before we’ll be ready to release them.) I think you’ll find they fit extremely well together, however, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

If you like the songs, please buy them, we are offering them under a “pay what you want” program on our Bandcamp store with a suggested price of $3. All profits go towards making the upcoming “Stay Awake” album awesome and fronting the costs for live shows to support the album. If you choose to buy the old EP at a live show or from CD Baby, we’ll throw in a download code for “The Grinder’s Tale” 3P for free!

We’ll be blogging more in the days to come about the 3 songs on the 3P: Flight III, The Grinder’s Tale, and Last Warning. In the meantime, just relax and enjoy the tunes 🙂

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