Acoustic Show at OQ Coffee

Nelson outside of OQ Coffee
Nelson outside of OQ Coffee

Wrong Side of Dawn will be playing a free acoustic show at OQ Coffee in Highland Park on Friday July 3rd, 7-9pm. Come join us and support sustainable coffee, local business, and live music! There are board games, paintings by local artists on the walls, and chairs with umbrellas on the sidewalk so you can enjoy the lovely weather outside. We’ll be selling our t-shirts and CDs, so if you’ve been dying to wear a WSD logo on your chest, now’s the time to try it on 🙂 Who could turn down two hours of our groovy tunes? Only the ungroovy, and you don’t want to be ungroovy, do you?  You can RSVP at the Facebook event if you like.

Antes De Dormir

Brazilian filmmaker André Aoki has included our song “Running Scared” in his latest short, “Antes De Dormir”. Check it out! Our song appears around 8:30, about halfway through.

Official “Crossing the Bar” music video released

We now present to you the official music video for Crossing the Bar, from our 2010 album Stay Awake! Directed by Adam Chinoy, starring me and Brian, filmed at Monmouth Beach, NJ.

We had to wake up in the early AM and drive to the beach in the dark before the sun came up. We couldn’t film a sunset and achieve the same dramatic effect, because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and therefore on the east coast the sun rises over the water and sets over the land. To get the sun over the ocean, we had to film at dawn. It was totally worth it, the colors that day were amazing.

There is one thing that we had to cut from this video, regretfully. We had originally planned on making paper boats, placing them in the water, and then filming them floating out to sea. Sadly, if the paper boats were released too close to shore, they were swamped by waves in seconds. If they were placed too far away from the land, they were too small and hard to see, no matter how much Adam zoomed his camera. After showing the shots to our friends and having them fail to identify the dots in the water as paper boats, we gave up. Adam saved the day by discovering a sailboat on the horizon in several of the shots and emphasizing that instead.

We plan to make more ambitious music videos in the future, but for what it is, a simple performance video, we’re very happy with the results. Sunrise over the ocean is pretty.

We’ve filmed a music video! But this isn’t it.

Last week we succeeded in filming a music video for the first time, after over a year of false starts and the universe conspiring against us! It will be for our song Crossing the Bar. While we wait for the video to be edited into its final form, I thought I would give you a little teaser. Here is some footage from my camcorder left running while we filmed the music video at dawn on the beach, sped up so that 45 minutes passes in 45 seconds 🙂

Keep your eyes on this blog or our Youtube channel to see when our real music video is complete!

Live at Shogun Bey Lea in Toms River

Fiery dinner at Shogun Bey Lea

Wrong Side of Dawn will be entertaining the lucky people eating and drinking at Shogun at Bey Lea in Toms River on Friday July 9th and Saturday July 10th, 6:30pm-11pm both nights. The show is free! The food and drinks are not, but we promise that they’re worth paying for. We’ll be playing outside on the lovely roofed deck, which should be pleasant no matter what the weather is like. Friday will be an acoustic set with just Brian and Nelson, while Saturday will have more of a full rock band lineup and potentially rock harder 😉

If you’re on Facebook, attend the Facebook event.

Bass tabs – we need a bass player!

Since we’re searching for a bass player to play at least a few gigs with us (Andres can’t make it to some of our upcoming gigs), I thought that now is as good a time as any to publish the bass tabs for our album! We have tabbed out every song that has bass on the album except for the opening to Crossing the Bar, which we haven’t figured out yet. The tabs were created using TuxGuitar, which is an open source, cross-platform tabulature editor.

Here is a zip file containing all of our bass tabs in PDF format.

Here is a zip file containing all of our bass tabs in TuxGuitar format.

If you think these songs look fun and you have the chops to play them on bass, please e-mail us at or call us at (732) 503-9763! Our next couple of gigs are in south Jersey by the shore, but we rehearse in central/north Jersey.

Heart us on TheSixtyOne

To build up the anticipation for our CD release show on Weds March 17 (less than a week away!), we will be releasing one song from the upcoming Stay Awake album each day on TheSixtyOne, a “music discovery engine.” Please check out Wrong Side of Dawn’s page on T61, and vote up the first song from Stay Awake that we’ve uploaded, Running Scared!

I must admit, one reason we are doing this is because of my curiosity as to whether this is still a popular website. We had a nice experience releasing The Grinder’s Tale 3P on T61 this summer, but since then there has been a massive site overhaul which made the site visually stunning but reduced usability in the eyes of many of its users, resulting in a bit of a user revolt. If our songs can’t get as much attention now as they did this summer… well, the 3 songs on the 3P are almost exactly the same as 3 of the songs on the album! So if you still like TheSixtyOne, vote up our songs to show your continued love 😉

UPDATE: 2nd song on T61: Out of Time.

CD release show Weds March 17 at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken

Inside The Whiskey Bar, Hoboken

There have been some delays, but Wrong Side of Dawn’s full-length album “Stay Awake” will finally be on sale for the first time on St. Patrick’s Day (Wednesday, March 17th) at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken.

The Bad Side of Down. That's right, these feathers just don't give a fuck.
The Bad Side of Down. That's right, these feathers just don't give a fuck.

Music should start at 9pm; our set should start at 10pm and last for 45 minutes. Cover is $5. Must be 21 to enter. Don’t believe the Whiskey Bar’s online calendar (, which currently lists “Bad Side of Down,” our evil twins in an alternate reality, as performing at 10:00. We’re scheduled for that spot. And if we really were a bad side of down, they wouldn’t have booked us.

Come out to grab a pint or two or twelve for St. Paddy’s Day, hear original music, and be one of the first to own the next big album of the millennium! Our consolations to those who will be unable to make it because they are not in the same hemisphere as Hoboken or are under 21. But even if you aren’t in New Jersey/New York, you can still be a part of the event in your own lame little way. As of our set, our album will be available to the world online! Be sure to check back for details when the date gets closer.

But wait, there’s more! Kickin’ the Mustard, featuring Brian’s fellow North Brunswick legends James Hsu, Wayne Karolevich, Megan Algeo, Matt Astel, and Noah Gordon, will be on right after WSoD. This guarantees that the music will never stop! Or maybe it will stop at midnight, as scheduled. Maybe somebody claiming to be “Bad Side of Down” will show up, and a good old Irish bar brawl will ensue. In any case, you don’t want to miss it.

(Did anyone else giggle at the phrase “unable to make it”? I did, just a little.)

Line-up for this show:
Nelson Pavlosky – Rhythm guitar, vocals
Brian Rose – Lead guitar, vocals
Andres Gonzalez – Bass guitar
Eric Serviss – Drums
Steven Stratvert – Piano
Katie Richards – Backing vocals, percussion

RSVP at the Facebook event ^_^

Tonight’s show is canceled

The venue owner just called me to cancel tonight’s gig, because some of the other bands backed out and he didn’t think he’d have enough people to fill the venue. So I am sorry to say that tonight’s show will not be happening. My apologies to our fans and friends around Asbury Park.

The venue owner intends to reschedule the show, so we expect to play a show at The Saint soon!