Tonight’s show is canceled

The venue owner just called me to cancel tonight’s gig, because some of the other bands backed out and he didn’t think he’d have enough people to fill the venue. So I am sorry to say that tonight’s show will not be happening. My apologies to our fans and friends around Asbury Park.

The venue owner intends to reschedule the show, so we expect to play a show at The Saint soon!

Pre-release show this Friday at The Saint in Asbury Park

Brian sitting outside The Saint
Tomorrow, Friday February 25, 2010, Wrong Side of Dawn will be playing a pre-release show at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ! Our set will begin around 9:15pm, but the music should begin around 8pm, so come and support the other bands too, including Betrayall, Father Divine, The Shock Trials, and Scantily Clad. Tickets are $10 at the door, or $12.55 if you buy tickets online due to “convenience fees.” Sorry, we didn’t make that stupid pricing decision 😉 Anyone 18 years or older can attend, so bring your college friends 🙂 RSVP to the Facebook event if you’re a Facebook-y person.

We are aware that there will be some snow the day of our gig (although it should be dying down by the afternoon), so to entice you to come we will give you this exclusive offer: we will give our new CD to anyone at the show at whatever price they desire! Yes, tonight only at the Saint our CD will be pay-what-you-want 😀 I will also be giving out free hugs or high fives to anyone who needs one.

Oh god, I’ve used up my exclamation point and smilie quota for the day, I have to stop writing now! Hope to see you at our show 😉
The view from the stage

We are alive and well

Several days ago, while our web site was down and we were in the process of moving to a new web host, an ancient blog post was somehow re-posted to our Facebook page, claiming that we were on “indefinite hiatus.” This is definitely not the case, Wrong Side of Dawn has never been more active. In fact, we have booked a show at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken on March 17 at 10pm. We’ll remind you plenty about that show in the weeks to come, and about other shows and events as we confirm them 🙂 Do not worry, Wrong Side of Dawn will continue to make great music for you for the foreseeable future.