Bass tabs – we need a bass player!

Since we’re searching for a bass player to play at least a few gigs with us (Andres can’t make it to some of our upcoming gigs), I thought that now is as good a time as any to publish the bass tabs for our album! We have tabbed out every song that has bass on the album except for the opening to Crossing the Bar, which we haven’t figured out yet. The tabs were created using TuxGuitar, which is an open source, cross-platform tabulature editor.

Here is a zip file containing all of our bass tabs in PDF format.

Here is a zip file containing all of our bass tabs in TuxGuitar format.

If you think these songs look fun and you have the chops to play them on bass, please e-mail us at or call us at (732) 503-9763! Our next couple of gigs are in south Jersey by the shore, but we rehearse in central/north Jersey.

We need a drummer for live shows

We have successfully found a new bassist! His name is Andres and we’re very impressed with how quickly he has learned all of our songs. Unfortunately, the drummer we were going to use for live shows had to cancel on us. We don’t dare book gigs without a drummer, so it is vital that we find at least a temporary drummer ASAP. Can you help us?

If you are a drummer, and you think you could help us play at least a couple gigs per month for the next few months, we’d like to jam with you! (If we work well together, longer-term arrangements can be made.) Please live in the Philly/NJ/NYC area, we’ve been practicing in North Brunswick, NJ but we aspire to gig all over. Also please be under the age of 35, so that there isn’t too huge of an age gap (Brian and I are 25). Check out our music on this site, or on our Bandcamp store… and if you think you have the technical chops to play for us and you dig the music, just e-mail us at or call Nelson at 703-942-9378.