Not quite dead yet

No sooner did I make that last unpromising post than I found myself recording some more music with Brian, and planning to book time in a studio for the first week of January. Hopefully sometime over the next semester we will find a @#$%ing drummer!

Until then, check out this new demo song that we have uploaded:

* The Grinder’s Tale – An old recording of one of Brian’s songs that finally got vocals. I’m kind of proud of the piano part I wrote for it, and I really like the main guitar riff… it’s a lot of fun, both to play and to listen to ^_^ That said, we didn’t always manage to stay on the beat, and the song does drag out a bit in parts… it could use a little condensing and re-recording. I’m not putting it on the “demo CD” right now, at the moment it’s a “bonus track” on our download page.