Nelson at the Folk Project

I went to an open mike night at the Folk Project several weeks ago to play some WSoD songs, and they were nice enough to record my performance for me and send me the DVD. I finally got the video up on Revver, so if you’re curious feel free to give it look ^_^ Here’s the flash version:

If you hate Flash, you can try downloading the Quicktime file instead.

I played Flight / Crossing the Bar, Contained, and Break Free… I’ll have to see what other songs I can polish for public consumption. This was my first public performance in a while, so I was a little nervous! I also didn’t retune my guitar properly for Break Free, I’ll just use an electronic tuner in the future to make sure I get it right the first time around from now on. I hope to play more open mikes in the near future so that I can get used to playing live again, ideally together with more WSoD members 😉