We need a new bassist

We are sad to announce that the extremely talented Andrew Angelin, who has played bass on everything that we’ve recorded up to this point, is moving to Florida and will be unable to provide us with wicked bass grooves in the future. This leaves us in dire need of a new bass player who can play live shows with us to support the album when it comes out, and perhaps help us record our next album.

Do you have the technical chops to play Andrew’s basslines? Do you use slap bass, harmonics, bass chords and other fancy techniques when you play bass? Do you have the killer rock instincts necessary to perform with Wrong Side of Dawn? If you think you do, and you want to play bass for us, then send us an e-mail at band@wrongsideofdawn.com and we’ll be in touch!

Please be under 35 years of age (otherwise our age gap may be too weird) and please live somewhere in the Philadelphia-NJ-NYC area. We think our headquarters for the near future will be in Philadelphia, but it’s up in the air at this time.

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